Frequently Asked Questions

What are Endless Roses?
Endless Roses are beautiful, 100% REAL preserved roses & flowers arrangements that will last over 3 YEARS absolutely maintenance free! These are preserved with a specific mixture of 100% plant-based and bio-degradable preservation formula.

But... How?
Simpler than it sounds! The preservation liquid replaces the sap and water within the plant, effectively forming a still-image of nature, creating a unique and 100% natural product. The preserved flowers and plants remain beautiful and unchanged for months without watering, light and virtually maintenance-free. Unlike dry flowers, preserved roses maintain texture, flexibility and don't brittle at the touch.

Are they scented? 
After the preservation process is over, roses no longer carry any pollen in them, therefore they don't carry scent. Our preserved roses are safe for people who suffer from pollen allergies. 

Can I scent them?
You sure can! You can lightly spray your Endless Roses (at a distance) with your favorite perfume and our roses will hold the scent for up to 6 months.

Pet safe?
Our Endless Roses roses are safe and nontoxic to pets. However!, one of our fillings Hydrangeas is found to be toxic to pets IF INGESTED. We advise that you keep the Hydrangeas' arrangements away from your pets or ask us to replace the filling for you, free of charge.